A Change of Seasons is the fourth EP released by Dream Theater in 1995. The EP was created to showcase the song A Change of Seasons, which was originally meant to be on the album Images and Words. It the most common EP the band has released, and is sometimes considered to be an album due to it's length. It is known also for it's inclusion of live cover songs.

A Change of Seasons.jpg



1. A Change of Seasons (Portnoy) 23:09

2. Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding (Elton John) 10:49

3. Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple) 5:33

4. The Rover/Achilles Last Stand/The Song Remains the Same (Led Zeppelin) 7:29

5. The Big Medley (Pink Floyd, Journey, Kansas, Queen, The Dixie Dregs, Genesis) 10:33

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