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A Sort of Homecoming
Fan Club CD by Dream Theater
Released 2004
Genre Progressive metal, progressive rock
Length 75:47
Dream Theater Fan Club CD chronology
Graspop Festival 2002
A Sort of Homecoming
A Walk Beside the Band

A Sort of Homecoming is the ninth fan club CD by Dream Theater, released in 2004. It was the final release by the DTIFC before it disbanded, though it has been replaced by Voices UK. The album contains live tracks from the tour to support Train of Thought.



1. NYC Radio Ad 1:01

2. As I Am (Petrucci) 7:10

3. Honor Thy Father (Portnoy) 9:57

4. Caught in a Web (Petrucci, LaBrie) 3:44

5. Mike Portnoy Drum Duet with Scott Rockenfield (Instrumental) 7:35

6. Beyond This Life Improv Jam (Instrumental) 11:07

7. The Oakdale Odyssey (Instrumental) 5:42

8. The Spirit of St. Louis (Instrumental) 6:17

9. John Petrucci Guitar Spot (Instrumental) 3:27

10. Vacant (LaBrie) 2:35

11. Stream of Consciousness (Instrumental) 11:02

12. Disappear (LaBrie) 6:10