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A View from the Top of the World
A View from the Top of the World
Length 20:24
Working title N/A
Release date October 22nd, 2021
Lyrics John Petrucci
Music Dream Theater
First live performance Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ, USA, on Feb. 2, 2022
Total live plays 98
Recorded DTHQ
Other appearances
Previous song Awaken the Master
Next song 16th Album

A View from the Top of the World is the seventh and final track on Dream Theater's fifteenth studio album, A View from the Top of the World. It is by far the longest track on the album, beating Sleeping Giant by 10 minutes and 19 seconds.

It is also the sixth song released by the band that passes 20 minutes in length, and the first title track released by the band since Octavarium.

John Petrucci recorded this song using a 7-string guitar in standard tuning (B-E-A-D-G-B-E).


[I. The Crowning Glory]

The fire that burns within us
To carry out a dream
Chasing new ambitions
Determined to succeed

To stretch beyond our limits
To blaze a brand new trail
Bold enough to conquer
Brave enough to fail

Sheer determination
Taking nerves of steel
Always digging deeper
Danger all too real

To rise above the challenge
To push to the extreme
To the daring, there can be no in between

See a view from the top of the world
Take a ride on the crest of a wave
The adrenaline rush over and over again
See a view from the top of the world

All my natural instincts
Are begging me to stop
But somehow I carry on
Heading for the top

A physical absurdity
A tremendous mental game
Helping me understand
Exactly who I am

To face a new adventure
To conquer the insane
Lured into madness
Addicted to the pain

Reaching for the summit
On the threshold of defeat
Rightfully joining
The ranks of the elite

See a view from the top of the world
Feel the wind on the edge of the sky
Take a chance you may die, over and over again
See a view from the top of the world

[II. Rapture of the Deep]

I begin the blind descent
To a place no one has seen
Returning to the womb
On the fringe of the unknown
A journey into darkness beckons me

Like a blind man in a maze
Who somehow finds an open door
The beauty and the danger
And the yearning to explore
Always keeps me coming back for more

[III. The Driving Force]

The moment that you recognize just where your limits lie
Hanging on the brink of death
You're never more alive

When you reach the pinnacle
The world is at your feet
Welcome to the mind unleashed

The impossible is never out of reach
When barriers are broken, greatness is achieved
Self-belief will build a life of legacy


Before the release of the album, John Myung spoke in an interview with Revolver Magazine about how difficult learning and playing the title track is:

"What makes this a challenge to play for me would be that it's a 20-minute epic, so the memorization aspect is the first part of the challenge. And then there are certain sections that I have to focus on. For instance, there is a classical Mozart-like section that happens in the second half of the song. It's the type of part that definitely takes a bit of practice, when taken out of context it turns into a cool little exercise all by itself."