Act of Faythe is the eighth track from Dream Theater's album The Astonishing.


[Ravenskill Town Square. Daytime]

I never knew they spent their days in rags
While I enjoy the life they'll never have
Yet deep within their eyes
Hope still survives
And they don't seem to think this world's so bad

Even as they gather in the square
They know a better life exists out there

With unity and pride
Faith stays alive
How can I pretend that I don't care?

I have always felt alone
Living like a stranger inside of my own home
Maybe now's the time to greet the winds of change
Could my destiny be right in front of me?

As a child behind the palace walls
Often times I'd search its secret halls
And hope that I would find
A treasure cast aside
I came upon the greatest gift of all

My music player
My private paradise
My music player
A refuge I must hide

And lost at sea forever
I drifted far away
Now finally for the first time I know
I've found my way
Found my way

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