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Canadian Rap is a improvised jam session between Mike Portnoy and James LaBrie that was included as the last part of What Did They Say? on the Scenes from a World Tour fan club CD.

The listener can clearly hear at the beginning that LaBrie did not want to perform this, but Portnoy started drumming before he could complain more.

Kick that shit, kick that k-k-k-kick that shit GO!

Here I go, I'm coming downtown, I wanna look around your town
I'm gonna buy the biggest fuckin' thing and them I'm gonna deep down
I'm gonna go back home with that fuckin' thing
Gonna give it to my wife, you know
What it is, I can't tell you, but I'll be back next year and then you'll find out yo!

Yeah boy, let me hear you say "ooooh"
I say oh, oh!
I said good to go yeah
I said suck on my ass and balls
Suck on my ass and balls
Suck on my ass and balls
Suck on my ass and balls
Eat my ass and balls
Lick my ass and balls