Chosen is the fifteenth track from Dream Theater's album The Astonishing.


The Princess’s words resonate with Gabriel and he remembers how his song in the square temporarily moved Nafaryus the day before. Gabriel is convinced that the absence of art and music and the incessant drivel being spewed out by the NOMACS has caused a sort of emotional hibernation amongst Lord Nafaryus and his supporters, ultimately leading to the deadening of his soul and the lack of any compassion in his heart. If Gabriel could just meet with the Emperor and Empress, he knows that through the power of his magical gift of music, especially with their daughter by his side, he could reawaken their spirits and bring harmony back to The Realm. Nafaryus need only agree to ignore the NOMACS for a moment and just listen. Excited to share this encouraging plan with her father, she returns to the palace to speak to him and convince him to meet with Gabriel.

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