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Cristobal Cintron also known as Chris Cintron, is a Spanish-American singer and guitarist most known for his work with his brother Rafael in the group Los Cintron also known as "The Cintron Brothers". Cintron was the lead singer for the groups Preacher, Truth, Back East and Reckless, which cut their first album "No Frills" with Valentino records after Phil Carson saw the group perform at L´Amour East in Brooklyn and noticed Chris´s vocal range. Not known to many, Cintron worked with Dream Theater for a very brief point in 1991, though whether or not he was ever officially a member is up for debate.

Cintron auditioned successfully for the vocalist position after the band parted with Steve Stone. After the bad experience with Stone, the band wanted to be extremely cautious, and were not willing to play live with Cintron until they were certain he wouldn't embarrass them the way Stone did. Working with him extensively in the studio, the band was pleased with his abilities, though some concerns were raised that he looked too similar to Charlie Dominici.

Whether Cintron was ever an official member may not be known, but it is known that the band began to court James LaBrie behind his back, eventually offering LaBrie the position. Very little is known about Cintron's career after this, though he currently works with his brother as a Spanish music duo.


  • 1987 - No Frills with Reckless
  • 1987 - Love is for Suckers with Twisted Sister
  • 2000 - Camino with Los Cintron
  • 2005 - Images and Words Demos with Dream Theater (audition footage)