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Falling Into Infinity Demos is a collection of demos by Dream Theater for the album Falling Into Infinity. It was released by Mike Portnoy under his YtseJam Records label. The album was the most anticipated demos release by the band, with many fans wanting to hear Portnoy's promised "real" version of Falling Into Infinity. Included is also rehearsal footage of Metropolis Pt. 2 which was never completed, though eventually was expanded into the band's next album, Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory.



Disc One[]

1. Raise the Knife (Portnoy) 11:40

2. Where Are You Now? (Petrucci) 7:27

3. Take Away My Pain (Petrucci) 6:49

4. You Or Me (Petrucci) 6:24

5. Anna Lee (LaBrie) 6:36

6. Burning My Soul (Portnoy) 8:57

7. The Way it Used to Be (LaBrie) 7:47

8. Lines in the Sand (Petrucci) 13:32

Disc Two[]

1. Just Let Me Breathe (Portnoy) 5:24

2. Peruvian Skies (Petrucci) 6:47

3. Trial of Tears (Myung) 12:54

4. Cover My Eyes (Petrucci) 3:23

5. Hollow Years (Petrucci) 6:26

6. New Millennium (Portnoy) 8:19

7. Speak to Me (LaBrie) 6:25

8. Metropolis Pt 2 (Instrumental) 21:25