False Awakening Suite
Dream Theater
Length 2:42
Working title (Unknown)
Release date 20th September 2013
Lyrics (Instrumental)
Music Dream Theater
First live performance Coliseu de Porto, Portugal
Total live plays
Recorded Cove City Sound Studios
Other appearances
Previous song Beneath the Surface
Next song The Enemy Inside

False Awakening Suite is the opening track on Dream Theater's eponymous 12th studio album, Dream Theater. It features a string ensemble conducted and arranged by Eren Başbuğ. The track was intended as a cinematic opening for their live shows, to replace the music from motion picture soundtracks such as Inception.

John Petrucci recorded this song using a 7-string guitar tuned 1 whole step down (A-D-G-C-F-A-D).



String EnsembleEdit

  • Misha Gutenberg (Concert Master), Larisa Vollis - Violin I
  • Yelena Khaimova, Yevgeniy Mansurov - Violin 2
  • Aleksandr Anisimov, Noah Wallace - Viola
  • Anastasia Golenisheva, Valeriya Sholokhova - Cello
  • Len Sluetsky - Contrabass


The purpose of this track is to be a cinematic and dramatic opening to the album and to their live shows. It's therefore quite dark and intense in tone.

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