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Heaven's Cove
The Astonishing
Length 4:20
Working title
Release date January 22, 2016
Lyrics John Petrucci
Music Jordan Rudess, John Petrucci
First live performance London Palladium, London, England, on Feb. 18, 2016
Total live plays 91
Other appearances
Previous song Moment of Betrayal
Next song Begin Again

Heaven's Cove is the twenty-third track from Dream Theater's thirteenth studio album The Astonishing.


The narrator describes Heaven's Cove as a place where music once thrived, but now is empty and left behind.


Under the glow of the midnight moon
Where the stars touch the sky
Stand the long forgotten remains of a time gone by

Heaven's Cove was a wondrous site
Once a beautiful place
Now an empty shell like a memory that time erased

As the pivotal moment draws closer
Every shadow and whisper ignite
Music will rise like a phoenix from the ashes on this night