Hymn of a Thousand Voices
The Astonishing
Length 3:39
Working title
Release date January 29, 2016
Lyrics John Petrucci
Music Jordan Rudess, John Petrucci
First live performance
Total live plays
Other appearances
Previous song Whispers on the Wind
Next song Our New World

Hymn of a Thousand Voices is the thirty-first track from Dream Theater's thirteenth studio album The Astonishing.


The townspeople of Ravenskill, who were brought to Heaven's Cove by Gabriel's scream, all band together as a chorus and inspire Gabriel to find his voice, which bring Faythe back to the land of the living.


Out of the shadows
One by one they came
To shed their light upon his moment of doubt and pain

A thousand voices
Rang out through the night
A symphony of mercy for their savior
Too tired to fight

And as the chorus grew
A thousand hearts beat true
Then like a glowing beacon in the dark
Hope came shining through

Amazingly, the savior found his voice
And all together they rejoiced...

Glorious sound
Guide her tonight
Out of the darkness
Into the light

Merciful song
Set her soul free
Unbind the chains of endless sleep!

Choirs on high
Grant her new life!
Make me a vessel of thy boundless grace!
Music has shown her the way
She lives today!
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