Meanstreak was an all-female thrash metal band from Westchester, New York. Active from 1985 to 1994, the band released only one album, Roadkill, in 1988. According to Spirit of Metal, Meanstreak was one of the first all-female thrash metal bands in history.

The band was founded by guitarists Marlene Apuzzo and Rena Sands. Bettina France joined as singer, Lisa Pace played bass guitar, and Diane Keyser was on drums. Diane left the band shortly after Roadkill was recorded, and was replaced by Yael Devan, who later went on to join My Ruin.

Three members of the band are married to members of Dream Theater. Lisa Pace is married to John Myung, Rena Sands to John Petrucci, and Marlene Apuzzo to former drummer Mike Portnoy.


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