Another Day
Images and Words
Length 4:24
Working title
Release date 31 December 1991
Lyrics John Petrucci
Music Dream Theater
First live performance
Total live plays
Recorded Bear Tracks Studios
Other appearances Another Day, Lie, Live at the Marquee, Live Scenes from New York, Greatest Hit (...and 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs)
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New Millennium is a song by Dream Theater. It is the first song on their fourth album, Falling into Infinity. It is their first full studio album featuring Derek Sherinian.




Petrucci wrote Another Day about his father, John Petrucci Sr. who was diagnosed with cancer. Petrucci Sr. would be the subject of another Dream Theater song, Take Away My Pain following his death. The video for Another Day follows the song's lyrics, with a father and son spending time together. MRI scans are visible in the background, tying in to the cancer theme.


Another Day is a mellodic ballad with pop sensabilities. The song was written to be accessible, and was presented with radio, single and video releases. Another Day does build up to a crescendo, though it never becomes heavy, instead going into a soprano sax solo by Beckenstein.


Though Another Day was written to be accessible and a possible hit, it was surpassed surprisingly by Pull Me Under which became the band's biggest hit. Despite a single and video, the song never caught on in the mainstream, the video not being used by MTV and the EP release being considered the rarest commercial release by Dream Theater, often fetching large prices on eBay.

The video features the young girl who was the model for the cover of Images and Words.

Another Day was remixed and included on Greatest Hit (...and 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs).

Live performances

Another Day is a very popular song live and has been played on many tours, especially in the band's early years. The song doesn't deviate very much from the album version, though the saxophone is usually synthesized by Moore (or Derek Sherinian, Jordan Rudess).

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