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Spontaneous Combustion
Studio album by Liquid Trio Experiment
Released 23 October 2007
Recorded October 1998 at Millbrook Sound Studios
Genre Jazz fusion, progressive rock
Length 78:06
Label Magna Carta Records
Producer Mike Portnoy, Jordan Rudess, Tony Levin
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Spontaneous Combustion
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Spontaneous Combustion is the first Liquid Tension Experiment album released under the name Liquid Trio Experiment.


In 1998, the band entered the studio to write a new album. However, partway through the writing process, John Petrucci had to leave the sessions due to his wife giving birth. This left Mike Portnoy, Jordan Rudess, and Tony Levin with time to improvise and jam together.

While the sessions were recorded in 1998, they were not released until 2007 due to the master tapes being lost. As a result, the recordings on the album, described as "the only remaining records of these sessions in existence", were taken from Portnoy's 2-track stereo DAT. A few of the tracks recorded during these sessions were later expanded into songs that appeared on Liquid Tension Experiment 2, such as "914", "Chewbacca", and "Liquid Dreams".



  1. Chris and Kevin's Bogus Journey - 7:54
  2. Hot Rod - 6:21
  3. RPP - 3:06
  4. Hawaiian Funk - 4:39
  5. Cappuccino - 3:26
  6. Jazz Odyssey - 8:49
  7. Fire Dance - 8:23
  8. The Rubberband Man - 6:52
  9. Holes - 4:38
  10. Tony's Nightmare - 2:49
  11. Boom Boom - 6:33
  12. Return of the Rubberband Man - 9:43
  13. Disneyland Symphony - 4:47