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Stream of Consciousness
Train of Thought
Length 11:16
Working title SOC (Suck Our Cocks)
Release date November 11th, 2003
Lyrics (Instrumental)
Music Dream Theater
First live performance Carling Apollo Manchester, Manchester, England, on Jan. 16, 2004
Total live plays 60
Recorded Cove City Sound Studios, Pie Studios NY
Other appearances Live at Budokan
Previous song Vacant
Next song In the Name of God

Stream of Consciousness is the 6th track from Dream Theater's 7th studio album, Train of Thought. It will be their last solely instrumental track until the release of their self-titled 12th album.

John Petrucci recorded this song using a 6-string guitar tuned 1 half step down (E♭-A♭-D♭-G♭-B♭-E♭).



Mike Portnoy launched a songwriting competition over his website, where he posted the song's arrangement chart before it was released, and invited the fans to record their own versions of Stream of Consciousness based on what was written on the chart. The results were later released on a fan club CD, and one entry was even played over the PA system before shows on the Train of Thought tour.


Like most of the songs on Train of Thought, Stream of Consciousness has a dark and heavy tone to it, with the intro having an unexpectedly loud start. The song is also very progressive, with many meter changes and several solo sections included in the song. The outro is very melodic and epic, climaxing with a dual guitar solo and a reverse of the clean guitar intro.

Live Performances[]

The song is a popular inclusion in Dream Theater's live shows and appears on the live album Live at Budokan.