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The Majesty Symbol below, including the dream theater Font.

The Majesty Symbol is the name of the logo that is used by the Progressive Metal band Dream Theater. Inspired by the Mary, Queen of Scots' mark, the logo was reworked by Dream Theater's former vocalist Charlie Dominici to use on the When Dream and Day Unite front cover art. It was created back when Dream Theater was still known as Majesty, hence why it is called The Majesty Symbol (even though they changed their name shortly after making it). Despite Charlie leaving shortly after the album was released, and despite Charlie making the logo himself, (including having it tattooed on his arm), the band kept the logo from then on and it has appeared on nearly every Dream Theater release, including Bootleg releases, Demos, and every studio album by Dream Theater.

The Majesty Symbol is made up of three Greek letters all in one, them being the letters Phi, Mu, and Lambda, all of them in capitals:

Φ     Phi

Μ     Mu

Λ     Lambda

In September 2010, a fan of Dream Theater discovered that all of the letters of "DOMINICI" fit together perfectly into the Majesty symbol. When Charlie discovered this, he laughed and mentioned that "it only took them 25 years to figure out the 'Dominici Code!'" This has earlier also been discovered as shown on the comment section of DTFAQ and in the DTNorway Podcast Episode 2 from 2008, with Charlie Dominici.