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The Making of Falling Into Infinity
Fan Club CD by Dream Theater
Released 1997
Genre Progressive metal, progressive rock
Length 75:55
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The Making of Falling Into Infinity
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The Making of Falling Into Infinity is the second fan club CD released by Dream Theater, released in 1997. The album features basic writing tracks from the writing sessions for the album Falling Into Infinity, and mostly holds interests for musician fans of the band who want to see the writing process the band used. The only completed song included is Take Away My Pain, which is in the form of a rehearsal of an early version of the song.



1. New Millennium Basic Tracks 1:47

2. New Millenium Piano, Accoustic Guitar, Stick and 7 String Guitar Overdubs 2:04

3. You Not Me Basic Tracks 2:04

4. You Not Me Strings, Piano, Vocals and Key Overdubs 3:35

5. Peruvian Skies Basic Tracks 1:38

6. Peruvian Skies Rhodes, Mellotron, Acoustic Guitar and Vocal Overdubs 5:18

7. Hollow Years Basic Tracks 3:58

8. Hollow Years Acoustic, Edge and Classical Guitar and Vocals Overdubs 4:28

9. Burning My Soul Basic Tracks 1:14

10. Burning My Soul Guitar, Key, Vocals, Talk Box and Whisper Overdubs

11. Hell's Kitchen Writing the Finale 6:07

12. Lines in the Sand Intro, Key, Piano and String Overdubs 3:47

13. Lines in the Sand Bass, Guitar, Synth and Vocals Overdubs 3:49

14. Lines in the Sand Doug Pinnick Vocals 3:01

15. Take Away My Pain Alternate Take 6:12

16. Take Away My Pain Basic Tracks 2:07

17. Take Away My Pain Space Guitar, Hawaiin Keys, Heavy Keys and Vocals Overdubs 2:16

18. Just Let Me Breathe Basic Tracks 1:02

19. Just Let Me Breathe Feedback and Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitar and Keys, Vocal Overdubs 2:28

20. Anna Lee Derek Noodling at the Piano 2:14

21. Anna Lee Basic Tracks 3:46

22. Anna Lee Mellotron and Leslie Guitars, Slide Guitar Overdubs 2:59

23. Trial of Tears Basic Tracks 2:11

24. Trial of Tears Lead Guitar, Bass, Accoustic Guitar and Piano Overdubs 2:52

25. The End? 0:27