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The Road To Revolution
The Astonishing
Length 3:35
Working title
Release date January 29, 2016
Lyrics John Petrucci
Music Jordan Rudess, John Petrucci
First live performance London Palladium, London, England, on Feb. 18, 2016
Total live plays 75
Other appearances
Previous song A New Beginning
Next song 2285 Entr'acte

The Road To Revolution is the twentieth track from Dream Theater's thirteenth studio album, The Astonishing, and is the final track that comprises Act I.


The main characters reflect on what has happened, and what will happen once they all meet again at Heaven's Cove.


He only sees what he desires to see
It took a while, but, finally, he agreed
Though everything may not turn out as planned
If love's a risk
It's worth the chance

I know where there is faith, there's always hope
We'll meet beneath the stars at Heaven's Cove
Where ghosts of yesterday
Once filled the lighted stage
Taking our first step down a new road

Arhys, time is running out
What will your decision be?
If you still have any doubt
Think about Evangeline

On the road to revolution
Our salvation's never free
There's a price for liberation
When you stand for your beliefs

When the man in the mirror
Takes a long, hard look at me
Will the person staring back
Be the man I want to be?

Change my mind?
A waste of time
For soon he will be mine

Open eyes
Help me see which choice is right