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The X Aspect
The Astonishing
Length 4:13
Working title
Release date January 29, 2016
Lyrics John Petrucci
Music Jordan Rudess, John Petrucci
First live performance London Palladium, London, England, on Feb. 18, 2016
Total live plays 75
Other appearances
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Next song A New Beginning

The X Aspect is the eighteenth track from Dream Theater's thirteenth studio album, The Astonishing.


Arhys is torn over the decision whether to exchange Gabriel for his son's life, but after remembering the promise he made to Evangeline on her deathbed, he ultimately decides to accept Daryus' offer.


Betray my blood
To save my son
A hopeless choice to make

But who am I
If not the one
Who's meant to keep him safe?

Is trust and loyalty still justified
If I deny him of a better life?

Has always been
The strength I call upon

But nothing breaks
A father's will
To do what must be done

Should I turn my back on him?
Abandon all our plans for revolution?
Will hope and freedom die by morning light?

I swore to you
To love and guide our son

Has shown his face
And now the time has come

Desperation blinds me
And through these bloodstained eyes I see the light
A better life is worth this sacrifice