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What Did They Say?
Scenes From a World Tour
Length 6:46
Working title
Release date 2000
First live performance
Total live plays
Recorded 1999 & 2000
Other appearances N/A
Previous song Erotomania/Paradigm Shift/Universal Mind
Next song War Pigs

What Did They Say? is a collection of live outtakes played during the Scenes From a Memory tour and was included on the Scenes from a World Tour fan club CD.


The first half of the track jumps between songs originally from Images and Words to Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory. These recordings have lyrics different from the original versions (eg. The line "There can be no turning back" from Fatal Tragedy is changed to "You can eat my ass and balls"). Wipe Out and the Canadian Rap were played to entertain the crowd while John Petrucci was sorting out technical issues with his guitar setup.

The songs go in this order:

  1. A Change of Seasons: V. Another World (A Change of Seasons)
  2. Pull Me Under (Images and Words)
  3. Scene Six: Home (Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory)
  4. A Mind Beside Itself: Voices (Awake)
  5. Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On (Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory)
  6. The Mirror (Awake)
  7. Scene Three: II. Fatal Tragedy (Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory)
  8. Wipe Out (The Surfaris)
  9. Canadian Rap (Improvised rap sung by LaBrie & Portnoy)


[I. A Change of Seasons: V. Another World]

I'm sick of all you hypocrites
Holding me at bay
And I don't need your mercy fuck
To get me through the day

[II. Pull Me Under]

Pull my finger
Pull my finger
Pull my finger, I've gotta fart
All that I feel is honor and spite
All I can do is to set it right

[III. Scene Six: Home]

Victoria watches and thoughtfully smiles
She's taking me to my home

Help - he's my brother, but I fucked her
I can`t keep away from her touch
Deception, dishonor

[IV. A Mind Beside Itself: Voices]

I wish that I could speak
Is there fantasy in refuge?
God in Billy Clinton?
Should I turn on my religion?

[V. Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On]

...because I believe
That after we're gone
(spoken) It's a football game
[Portnoy] Could it be, could it be
Holy Fuck! So much for putting feeling into it huh.

[VI. The Mirror]

Why won't you leave me alone?
Lurking Every Corner, everywhere I go

Will rrrrock youuuuu-
Don't turn your back on me now
When I need you the most

Ass and Balls!-
How could you be so cruel
and expect my faith in return?

Is not as hard as it seems
When you close the door

[VII. Scene Three: II. Fatal Tragedy]

[Portnoy] Eat my ass and balls!
Without love, without truth...
(You can eat my ass and balls)
You can eat my ass and, 
Without faith, without hope
(You can eat my ass and balls)